Trevor Noah on the irony of the Uk border

The brillant South African comedian Trevor Noah on the irony of the Uk border.
Enjoy ;)

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This Is What Winning Looks Like, Ben Anderson Documentary

May, 27   2013 |  Ben Anderson |   Vice News

The police chief first said that the boys had chosen to live on the patrol bases: “They like being there and giving their asses at night.” He also claimed that the practice of soldiers sexually abusing them was necessary. “If my commanders don’t fuck these boys, who will they fuck? Their own grandmothers?”  ( This Is What Winning Looks Like Documentary, 52:40)

This Is What Winning Looks Like is a documentary film about the War in Afghanistan by Ben Anderson.

Initially in 2007, Anderson was documenting the « undermanned [and] underequipped » British forces fighting the Taliban in Helmand, Afghanistan. The documentary begins in December 2012, when Anderson followed U.S. Marines as they trained Afghan security forces to take control for when U.S. forces leave Afghanistan; the film shows that the transition is less than seamless as there are killings and sexual molestation of children, heavy drug addiction, corruption, and false imprisonment of prisoners by Afghan police officers; at the same time, there are Afghan officers who truly do want to enforce law justly. Further perceived negative impact comes from American and British officials only receiving and broadcasting the message that they are succeeding in Afghanistan, even in spite of the beliefs of U.S. Marine Major Bill Steuber, the commanding officer of the police advisory team. Anderson says, « All it is now is about getting out and saving face. We’re [U.S. forces] not leaving because we achieved our goals. We’re leaving because we’ve given up on achieving those goals. »

Read the full article here:…

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Watch the podcast interview with Ben Anderson, the producer of « This Is What Winning Looks Like, » here: Continuer la lecture

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La fatwa d’apostasie de l’ayatollah Eric Zemmour

22 Juin 2015 |  Adam Zerbeinstein |   eplumeBlog 

Eric Zemmour vient de nous pondre une fatwa à  l’ « l’ayatollah style » voire pire, une fatwa en parfaite concordance avec l’extrémisme et la folie meurtrière de Daesh.

Dans les faits, Eric Zemmour qualifie d’apostat et d’infidèle tout musulman buvant de l’alcool, mangeant du porc ou encore tout musulman se revendiquant républicain.

C’était lors du débat ayant eu lieu à Nice(15 juin 2015) avec Michel Onfray …. Lorsque Michel Onfray évoque l’existence de différentes lectures de l’islam et notamment l’existence de musulmans qui boivent de l’alcool, d’autres qui mangent du porc et d’autres tout simplement qui se reconnaissent dans le système républicain ; A cela, Eric Zemmour répond avec une affirmation catégorique que ces musulmans ne sont plus des musulmans, ce qui se traduit par les qualifier d’apostats (et donc passible de peine de mort suivant la même logique extrémiste d’Eric Zemmour).

Une Fatwa intégriste de Eric Zemmour à l’image de son projet idéologique aussi belliqueux que celui des pires extrémistes.

En réalité, cette fatwa d’apostasie de Zemmour me parait être d’un extrémise inégalé et ne trouve d’appui que dans la littérature d’extrémistes religieux. D’ailleurs, je pense que même les auteurs du 11 septembre vont trouver cette fatwa de Zemmour un peu extrémiste.

Je me demande donc si, au final, Zemmour n’est tout simplement pas aussi extrémiste que ses prétendus ennemis radicaux.  D’ailleurs, Il est indénibale que Eric Zemmour partage la même lecture de l’islam que les pires extremistes et terroristes qui puissent exister de nos jours.

En effet, une chose est sûre, si Zemmour devait un jour intégrer Daesh, il ferait bien un bon juge de l’un des « tribunaux islamiques » spécialisés dans les fast fatwa meurtrières… et, autre certitude: Abou Baker Al Baghdadi l’accueillera avec les bras ouverts.

Pour conclure, il faut tout simplement rappeler un principe fondamental, qu’Eric Zemmour a du mal à intégrer,  à savoir que « Les gens ne dérivent pas leurs valeurs des textes religieux, mais que les gens insèrent leurs valeurs dans les textes religieux» .

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Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan Debate: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

05 October 2010 |   eplumeBlog 

Excellent debate between  Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan : Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Moderated by Laurie Goodsteing, October 5, 2010 at 92Y.

Continuer la lecture

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Mehdi Hasan, Islam Is A Peaceful Religion? @Oxford Union

22 February 2013 |   eplumeBlog 

Mehdi Hasan gives his argument for Islam being a peaceful religion.
Muslim journalist Mehdi Hasan, political editor of the Huffington Post, warns Anne-Marie Waters that her « astonishing claims » might endanger her future as a Labour Party candidate, but assured her « don’t worry, the BNP will take you ».

Hasan asks why, if Islam is « responsible for killing, » such a tiny percentage of believers actually participate in violence. He asks the audience if they really believe that 1.6 billion people are all « followers, promoters and believers in a religion of violence ».

Hasan urges them not to « fuel the arguments of the phobes and bigots and legitimise hate », but to « trust the Muslims that you know and that you hear. »

Yes’s: 286
No’s: 168
Filmed on 28/02/2013

MEHDI HASAN is Britain’s most prominent Muslim journalist. He recently moved from the New Statesman to become political editor of the Huffington Post. He has appeared on Question Time five times, and is hosting Al Jazeera’s ‘Head to Head’ series at the Oxford Union this term.
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Bill Maher Isn’t the Only One Who Misunderstands Religion

08 October 2014 |   REZA ASLAN |The New York Times 

reza aslan bill maher ben affleckBILL MAHER’s recent rant against Islam has set off a fierce debate about the problem of religious violence, particularly when it comes to Islam.

Mr. Maher, who has argued that Islam is unlike other religions (he thinks it’s more “like the Mafia”), recently took umbrage with President Obama’s assertion that the terrorist group known as the Islamic State, or ISIS, does not represent Islam. In Mr. Maher’s view, Islam has “too much in common with ISIS.”

His comments have led to a flurry of responses, perhaps none so passionate as that of the actor Ben Affleck, who lambasted Mr. Maher, on Mr. Maher’s own HBO show, for “gross” and “racist” generalizations about Muslims.

Yet there is a real lack of sophistication on both sides of the argument when it comes to discussing religion and violence.

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15 September 2014 |   eplumeBlog 

I would like to share with you a piece of art regarding the dilemma of being honest and poor or to be rich and criminal.

It’s about fictional short film directed by Cutter Hodierne: A story of pirates in Somalia told from the perspective of a struggling, young Somali fisherman.

VICE co-produced & financed the feature length version of this award-winning short.
The feature film premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival where Cutter Hodierne won the US Dramatic Directing Award.

‘’In Somalia there is two ways to fish. With nets or without‘’

When I watched this short film I automatically though to the story of St. Augustine and the pirate: « St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great, who asked him « how he dares molest the sea. » « How dare you molest the whole world? » the pirate replied: « Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an Emperor. »  »  From the book Pirates and emperors Old and new by Noam Chomsky.

For me, the violence and terrorism should be viewed from another perspective, considering the causality approach of the issue. No body comes to life aspiring to become a pirate, however, life sometimes don’t let you other options. Then it comes to answer the deep question: Did I blame my incapacity to avoid  my predestined life or should I blame life for not letting me other options except to accept  the fact that there is nothing uncaused or self-caused.

In this sense, and to more understand this issue, I strongly recommend to read the Noam Chomsky book’s  »Pirates and emperors Old and new  ». This new, fully updated edition of Chomsky’s classic dissection of terrorism explores the role of the US in the Middle East and reveals how the media are used to manipulate public opinion about what constitutes “terrorism.” With several new chapters as well as the original sections on Iran and the bombing of Libya, this book is a brilliant account of the workings of State terrorism by the world’s foremost critic of US imperialism. New chapters cover the second Palestinian Intifada; a detailed account of the impact that September 11 has had on US foreign policy in the Middle East; and a deconstruction of depictions and perceptions of terrorism since that date.

You can download the book  »Pirates and emperors Old and new » using this link. Continuer la lecture

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